N A M A M I   G A N G E
Packaged Drinking Water

About Namamigange

Because everything about Namami Gange is 100% natural. Namami Gange is Natural Mineral Water originating from the holy hills of Himalayas. Every drop of Namami Gange is naturally purified with great patience: Drop by drop, for 5 years Namami Gange trickles down from the catchment area to our deep underground reservoirs.

Along the way, it is purified as it passes through layers of alluvium and clay that act as natural filters. In a world where every alternate food item claims to be fortified, nothing about Namami Gange is artificial. Nature has endowed Namami Gange with a unique mineral composition that is beneficial to your health. And, Namami Gange tastes natural. Some even call it delicious. Not like the bitterness of water processed through Reverse Osmosis. Namami Gange is packaged in an environment that adheres to toughest international certification standards, guaranteeing that the water contained in every bottle of Namami Gange has the same natural purity and unaltered mineral composition.

Thousand Island Lake, China

Our Quality:

  • pre-filtration - This first step helps get rid of particles found in water.
  • polishing filter - Anything remaining gets filtered out by this first round of polishing filters.
  • high-intensity light - We blast the water with a high-intensity UV light
    to help disinfect and purify it.
  • reverse osmosis - This process uses pressure and an especially tiny filter to remove virtually all dissolved solids in the water.
  • charcoal filtration - Substances that have managed to get through the first round of purification gets trapped in our charcoal filter.
  • polishing filter - Here’s where we make sure every drop of brite Namamigange.